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Basic Beer Brewing - Extract Only

Dump can of extract into bucket of water, stir, add yeast, wait two weeks, poor it out because it's freaking awful... what were you thinking?

Basic Beer Brewing - Extract Recipe

Most brew shops have a variety of recipes available for you to browse. Pick your recipe (or get one from online, or even make one yourself). Note, there is some debate about the length of time needed to boil, some brewers find that they can get good results with 20 minutes or so (as opposed to the 60 minutes or more traditionally called for). It is also a good idea to consider adding adjuncts etc. at flame out, or, if you can sanitize them effectively, during the fermentation. Brew day ~ 2-3 hrs including clean up.

Basic Beer Brewing - Extract and Partial Mash

This technique gives you a substantial amount of flexibility with your recipes, many brewers make good beer using this technique. Brew day ~ 2-3 hrs including clean up.

All Grain Brewing

Kettle Souring

Sour Mash