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This page is intended to provide a summary of suppliers of beer brewing and beer equipment relevant to Vancouver.

Lower Mainland Suppliers


Dans Homebrew Shop - CO2 Tank Swaps (20lb only) - Brewing Kits - Grain (by the lb or by the sack) - Hops (pellet or whole) - Yeast (Wyeast, dry)

Centennial Homebrewing - CO2 Tank Swaps (5lb, 20lb) - Brewing Kits - Grain (by the lb) - Hops (pellet or whole) - Yeast, (dry, Wyeast, White Labs)


Bosa Grape 6908 Palm Ave

Bosa has a large warehouse style retail space with a very large selection of equipment and consumables. Steps away from Royal Oak Skytrain. They also have CO2 tank swaps in 5#, 10#, and 20# sizes.

New Westminster


Port Moody

Beyond the Grape