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Founded in 2009, VanBrewers is a group of homebrewing enthusiasts who promote the craft in Vancouver. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and advancement of homebrewing and beer appreciation.

We welcome new members to the meetings, so come check it out if you are a homebrewer or are interested in getting started. Membership to the club costs $30 a year and provides members with many useful benefits.

Our monthly meetings occur on the last Thursday of the month. Our events page may or may not be up to date depending on when you look - recommend to check out our Facebook Group for the most up to date event listing. As part of our monthly meetings, Members are encouraged to bring any beer the have made for sampling a feedback. We also have educational presentations that cover a variety of topics. As of early 2018, we have again moved monthly meeting locations to the 12 Kings Pub. (Follow the ramp past the bathrooms to the back room)

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